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While the task we undertake is focused on one thing, liquid waste. The environment, sector and hazards can vary in a number of ways at each site. IAS Enviro serves a range of industries and can adapt to support your site specific priorities and challenges when it comes to interceptor maintenance. Our advice is always free as we continuously seek to protect the UK waterways from industrial spills. Aiming to raise standards across our sector by keeping the environment as our core concern, means the service we provide is water tight! We operate with integrity and know where we add value. IAS Enviro is always seeking improvements, and work in a streamlined, agile way. Always welcoming feedback and listening more than we talk.

The more you work with us the more positive differences will become apparent. Improved levels of customer service from the office team, problems dealt with proactively on site, timely admin and full compliance achieved. Because that is the bottom line, we are there to protect you from pollution related fines, by protecting the environment and waterways around your site. Only a fully functional interceptor can work as it’s supposed to by collecting contaminants until they can be safely and responsibly disposed of.

Cost is a factor which can sway decisions when choosing an environmental services provider. We understand the weight on the decision makers shoulders to get the best deal when selecting suppliers. But an experienced decision maker will always balance value with cost.

Reasons to consider using IAS Enviro environmental services for interceptor servicing:

  • We have a lean operation, that allows us to remain agile and responsive.
  • We are experts on every type of wet waste, and every type of catch tank. Even knowing the specifics of out of production tanks and filter media.
  • Our reputation for integrity and professionalism is increasing, and we are fast becoming the “go to” company for challenging tanks and emergency call outs.
  • Our biggest strength is often perceived as a weakness. As we don’t own a fleet of tankers, we don’t have to absorb the costs of keeping them moving.
  • We are able to hire anywhere in the UK as and when needed. This is an integral part of our business model, and allows us to pass on savings to customers.
  • Where we add value and where we become irreplaceable is our network, and our depth of subject knowledge. The amount of times we have averted a crisis with our forward planning and experience on site, has become invaluable to the operational capability of our customers.
  • We have a dedicated tight knit team. This means there is consistency. We know our customers needs, priorities and site teams. We are keen to build solid working relationships and really support the background responsibilities that keep your operation running. Shutdowns are costly as are EA fines.

We are supporting operational compliance across numerous sectors. Such as: Retail D.C’s, FMCGs, motor industry, logisitics, MRFs and ports.

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