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Our business was born out of a need for sound judgement, a depth of subject knowledge & the integrity to deliver 100% compliance for every customer at every job. No matter what.

When we began over 10 years ago, there were many companies collecting wet waste and emptying interceptors. However additional servicing expertise was not as widely available. All over the country we offered a consistently high level of service standards. Our reputation grew, as did our experience. The more we worked the more we knew there was a gap in this specialist are of environmental services. It was the tenacious nature of our team, to raise standards within our sector that was the driving force. There needed to be more waste management heroes out there, arriving on site not just with the right equipment but also the skills and knowledge to use it effectively. If a problem arose on the day, we could resolve the majority of challenges on the spot. Experience allowed us to foresee and react in an agile manner. This is what you are paying for, our hard earned expertise.

Seeking to reduce downtime by contingency planning, ensuring works are carried out on time, and on budget are some common priorities for our customers. We understand what they want when booking an interceptor clean; a fully compliant service, carried out with the least time and money lost.

IAS Enviro began specialising in the maintenance and service side of interceptors. We knew how each type of tank functioned, we understood the risks posed on a confined entry service. Filters were proving difficult to others but not to us. Knowledge was key.

Then and now we solve problems others avoid. We have become the name people know for access, logistical and disposal challenges. We can always find an answer. Because our knowledge and experience has become invaluable. Our network of contacts built up over time at the sharp end of this industry allowed us to efficiently solve any wet waste dilemma.

Our commitment to environmental compliance shows up every time we do. On time, with a plan A, B and C. We will oversee operations, manage ongoing tank standards, the classification of contaminants, disposal and return of compliance paperwork. Everything we do is proactively handled, from start to finish. Which is why our customers stay with us. They see value not just cost.

Our friendly, loyal team are always on hand with advice 24/7. We are dedicated to being a failsafe for our customers. In an emergency situation, they know we are only a call away. Protecting the reputation of our customers remains a priority. And protecting the environment ensures we do just that.