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IAS Enviro specialise in Hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste can be harmful to human health and to the environment, if it is not handled responsibly. Even the smallest container can have a huge environmental impact if not stored or disposed of correctly.

Hazardous waste management is the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste material that, when improperly handled, can cause substantial harm to human health and safety or to the environment.


Characteristics of Hazardous waste

Hazardous wastes are classed on the basis of their chemical, biological and physical properties. It is these properties that generate the toxic, reactive, ignitable, corrosive, infectious, or radioactive materials.

Hazardous wastes can take the form of solids, liquids or gases and they are generated mainly by manufacturing, chemical production and other industrial activities. These hazardous wastes can contaminate groundwater and surface supplies when improperly stored or disposed of.

Waste is generally considered hazardous if it (or the material or substances it contains) are harmful to humans or the environment.

hazardous waste
hazardous waste

Years of experience

We have many years of experience in specialist waste management. As a result, we can offer you expert advice on the segregation and containment of all kinds of hazardous waste.

There are many ways you can identify different types of waste in order to find out if it is harmful to humans or the environment and the most common types of hazardous waste are listed below:

  • Asbestos
  • Print toner & break fluid chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals such as brake fluid and printer toner
  • Goods & appliances that contains ozone depleting substances like fridges
  • Batteries
  • Solvents
  • Oils (for example car oil)

Disposing of hazardous waste is highly regulated under the UK Waste Regulations so if you are unsure if the waste you have for disposal is determined as hazardous, in the first instance please call us for guidance.

IAS Enviro can assess, test and remove your waste leaving your site safe, clean and compliant.

More information can be found on the gov.uk website here or alternatively contact us here

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