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With many of the industries we serve under increasing financial pressures for the foreseeable, costs have become crucial.

We have always kept our prices fair and consistent, our customers have always appreciated our transparency. It’s important to us that we can continue to support our partners and the sectors in which they operate. So we are taking a moment to remind new and future businesses that our advice is always free. We offer site visits to inspect, discuss and make tailored solution plans. We can advise on timescales, contingencies, and mitigating steps available if a delay is unavoidable. Knowing the size of a problem is better when it comes to site compliance as it allows you to factor in the costs and time needed in future. It can also be a huge relief when a site manager is expecting to hear bad news about an interceptor tank, and things are not always as crucial as had been anticipated.

When it comes to cost, we can never give a definitive price before we have a sample. Not until we can ascertain percentage of solids in the tank and therefore associated offload costs, and that information is often not available until we have filled the tanker up. We CAN however give you an accurate quote, a sensible ball park figure on which to base a decision. It is extremely rare that our quotes are wide of the mark, because we allow for high disposal costs. We would rather pre-warn you of an impending high bill than for one to land unexpectedly on your desk. We work with integrity and know how to manage costs on behalf of our customers.

Making promises you can’t keep is bad business. Others may use this tactic, tell you what you want to hear, to win the business, and when you have a box to tick it can be tempting. Unknown costs are a concern, and regardless of your business, during these erratic times certainties become rarer and rarer. When you find partners you can trust and rely on, you have found a rare commodity and we work hard to maintain these working relationships. We are on call 24/7 and our customers have access to our out of hours number. In an emergency we can resolve and manage any liquid waste problem. Pollution prevention is our purpose, by offering free advice we hope to offset some of the risks of spills happening across busy UK sites.

Information gives you options, for further discussions and solutions or actions. And in our case this information is free.

Contact us for more details or to arrange an interceptor inspection.