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“You’re responsible for preventing your business or organisation from causing or allowing pollution to happen. Pollution is when any substance that harms or could harm people or the environment gets into the air, water or ground” *

If your site has underground interceptors, catch tanks, IBC’s or bunded areas then it’s your responsibility to maintain that equipment. These tanks prevent pollutants reaching watercourses and adversely affecting the environment.

Any business activities that produce contaminated water (or other polluting liquids / trade effluent) must have preventative measures in place to ensure these activities do not result in contamination of surrounding waterways.

Such activities may include:

  • vehicle washing
  • manufacturing processes
  • cleaning of food production areas or ovens

If your business stores oil, fuel or hazardous substances in IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers) then it is the owner of the site that’s responsible for the safe containment of all potentially hazardous liquids that are stored on site.


How we can help

Our range of control measures, such as spill control and drain closure devices can protect public health and the environment when pollution is caused either by accident or malice. Even after a fire, the run-off water can turn non-hazardous products into environmental threats. IAS Enviro can plan for such incidents and supply, install and service equipment that will provide robust solutions for any eventuality.

You could be liable for fines and clean-up costs if a pollution incident is traced back to your business. It is a vital part of site maintenance and should be prioritised accordingly. Using our professional team of experts, we can provide you with assurances and full trace-ability on all liquids that leave your site.






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